Mission cleanup

So while we got missions we also got the basic index view from mvc which isn't that great for a game.
Did some clean up today and a little bit of layout work.  I think it will be easier to lay out but I am going to need to get a bunch more data from the models than what I am currently getting.  Good times.


Design notes

Two items to talk about today.  First is mission chains.  Second will be "perma death"

Mission Chains.  Basically there will be a set of missions that link to one another so once you complete one it leads to the next.    This will be both for how the user will explore the local universe but also how some of the wormholes can lead to great loot / drops.  In some cases the wormholes will just be like a rogue like in that you can keep pushing forward but if you do you have a chance to lose your team and ships and your rewards.

Perma Death - so all ships can be destroyed and when they are destroyed depending on what equipment you have on them you could also lose your crew.  Your crew and equipment will provide modifiers to adjust your ships stats.  The more powerful the modifiers the chances are you want to be extremely careful how you handle them.  Maybe pushing your luck traveling down the wormhole isn't such a great idea.

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