Keep on Decking

So the hope was this weekend I could figure out how to do damage to the monsters via card dragging and dropping.

I got the drag and drop figured out Friday but the damage track got a little tricky to code.  I had several false starts and there are a few bugs that I still need to work through.

Most Elemental hounds are element as the first requirement and then any card as the second.  I think there is a bug if we did 2 as a damage level.  Still need to test that out.

Plus if there are double elements I need to test that out as well.  However as you can see in the picture I got it down for water and any card to kill this Hound.

Now End turn needs to do a final check to confirm that monster is dead and then determine if they can give out cards or not.  In this case I would get a water card of level 1.  I need to kill a Drake to get access to level 2 cards.  Of course drakes have their own set of difficulties.  They come with a double element requirement for first damage level.  Also when they attack they do an extra effect.

fire - Burn damage - if no armor more damage is done
air - discard # - discard a number of cards
earth - stun - can only draw 1 card 
water - heal themselves

These are the basic effects per element but there will be more as the monsters get tougher deeper into the dungeon you go.


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