Finished the Tutorial onto the hard stuff.

Finished the last Monogame Tutorial for RogueSharp 

There were a couple of gotchas.  

1) I messed up in removing the scaling code and was still scaling the enemies so they were super small compared to my player.  Found that bug.

2) The dice code that was part of RogueSharp changed both in scope and in effect so had to do some updating of his calling code as well as constructors.  He had dice being created from Die as a collection.  His new pattern was just a string to hold the dice notation in.  So calling code as well as constructors had to be updated to match the new pattern.

3) When the enemy finally found the player the shortestPath call ended up throwing a null reference exception. So I added in a quick handler to ignore the call when you are actually on the enemy.


Now comes the fun part.  Completely rewriting how the combat works to use cards.  I got visitors from out of town on Wednesday this week so hopefully I can make some stabs at it before then. Otherwise it will be after Easter the next time I will have fun coding time.


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