Finished 3rd part of the tutorial

Finished the 3rd part of RogueSharp Monogame tutorial.  There are a couple gotchas in terms of classes that have been moved but VS picks up on them and the hints get them sorted out.  

Design:  So start with 8 cards: 2 each of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water.  Monsters will be colored to indicate which type they are.  When you defeat them they will have a couple cards to choose from that you can grab. building up your deck.  Not sure on draw mechanic.  That is the stingy part of Dragonfire.  you only get to draw two cards during draw phase.  I would like more but I can see how that can be too powerful.  Also since currently I am planning solo dungeon run the assist cards can't really help.  Though maybe I can add a party to it later on and you can control multiple hands.

Of course first step is finish the tutorial.

Health - back to eating as few carbs as possible and working out.  Like everyone does that is fit.



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