Day 2 or post 2

Again not much to say in terms of progress however I should get some coding time tomorrow.  We had preschool parent orientation tonight so no one got home early.


Game design - 

Was thinking about how I want to handle the back end.  I would really like to use some kind of serverless backend via azure or amazon.  However I feel there just needs to be so much data stored in the db that I am not sure what serverless would look like.

Either way I am going to continue with mvc until I get an mvp and then start tweaking a bit.  End of Sept I will start on a monogame version of it and see if I can get it working quicker and/or better.  Of course I will need new graphics.

Game wise - I think I definitely want to have ships in different locations / bases for the player.  So they need to move them about as one of their logistical puzzles.  Maybe just costing a bit of fuel to get them around.  or if they are in wormhole space a bit of fuel and a ship that can get them there.  Ala some kind of mothership or carrier like they have in Eve Online.  My goal was to have Small, Medium and Large class ships but of course we got to have Capital Class.  The base mothership could hold say 2 large 5 medium and 10 small.   The base carrier could cold 10 medium and 20 small.  Of course you can get blueprints of military versions or research versions of these ships.  Along with maybe some kind of alien versions.

Of course once they are in wormhole space pending on which one you are at you can be attacked by other players.  So defenses and quick sorties via fighters is always suggested.  


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