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Latest game concept is from DragonFire the game.  Basically a spiritual successor to the ShadowRun: Crossfire card game.  Cards are used to defeat monsters but for the most part you need at least 2 and perferrably 4 players to play the game correctly.

So I thought why not make a roguelike that uses cards to defeat monsters.  Similar to Slay the Spire but with movement and a continuous hand drawn.  Magic items were part of your deck like Dragonfire and would stay if stated otherwise you would have to draw them to use them.

Working on getting the basics to work.  The screenshot below shows where we are at.  Basically I am just extending the RogueSharp Tutorial for Monogame to include different combat mechanics and different monsters.  Below is showing debug options where you can see the monsters anywhere.  The Hand shown is so you can judge who you can take on with your current hand.

Later on I added more monster types.  Clearly I need art work but this works for now in terms of testing.

First image of my combat screen, the mouse is over the first card giving it a bump up:

ToDos for the weekend are:

[] once dropped card overlays bottom half of monster and marks off damage virtually
Wound track

The goal here is to temporarily tag the enemy with cards you drop on it to determine damage. 

[] Show Reset Button on CombatScreen

I want to reset combat screen so you can rethink your turn.  The cards don't go into effect until you hit end turn.  The end goal on end turn is that the rest of the world will have a turn as well.  Potentially adding more monsters for you to fight if you don't kill this one quickly.


ToDos I completed yesterday were:

[x] Drag and drop card onto monster - needs tweaking but working
[x] Reset Turn Button - sprite

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