Thomas ‘Chad’ Boyer



Programming: C# 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, ASP.NET, WCF, Crystal Reports 2008, Delphi, Python, Java, C++, XML, XSLT, Javascript, Empower Script, PHP, HTML5, SQL, JQuery, ASP.NET MVC, Powershell

DBMS: SQL Server 6.5 to 2008, Oracle 

Software:  SQL Reporting Services, Reflection for IBM 2007, Fidelity MSP, MS Project, Visual Studio.NET 2005, 2008, 2010, IIS 6.0, DNN, Visual SourceSafe, PVCS, PL/SQL, Clearcase, TFS, Excel VBA,




Aug 2011- Present           Click Consulting                                                                  Remote Work

Senior Developer

Skills Used: C#,, Crystal Reports 2008, SQL Server 2005,  ASCX, TFS, SQL Server 2008, WCF, Web Services, Javascript, Excel, VBA

  • Created several line of business reports using Crystal Reports to help maintain their membership and activity accountability
  • Integrated a vendor API for processing Payments into the CRM
  • Negated the use of manual website for all payment processing allowing increased through put via automation
  • Updated pricing and products via excel macros
  • Created a check and balance with pricing overrides with manager/ supervisor overrides via, c#, and js


May 2012 – Present            Quandis, Inc                                      Foothill Ranch, CA

Software Developer
Skills used: C#, ASP.NET Platform 4.0, SQL Server 2008, XML, ASP.NET, Visual Studio.NET 2010,  IIS 7.0, Subversion, Javascript, for Project Management, XSLT, Amazon Web Services

  • Updated Word Merge functionality to take dataset from sql server and merge into word via Aspose plugin to allow Compliance Letters to be automatically FTPed to Mailing Vendor.
  • Implemented Google Doc Print to allow remote printing from the website to any printer with the Google Doc Print host installed
  • Managed Client project list and expectations
  • Updated Matrix implementation for version 3 of Quandis Business Objects allowing excel like business rules to be processed
  • Maintained Dev, UAT, Production environments via Amazon Web Services



Jul 2010 – May 2012         Rushmore Loan Management Services       Irvine, CA

Senior Developer
Skills used: C#, .NET platform 2.0,3.0,3.5,4.0, SQL Server 2005,2008, XML, ASP.NET, Visual Studio.NET 2003,2005,2008, 2010,  SharePoint, IIS 6.0, MS Project, Fidelity MSP, Reflection for IBM

  • Developed new Accounting reconciliation reports,
  • Set up and maintained TFS
  • Worked with SSIS packages to ensure vendor data was integrated into our databases.
  • Converted Customer facing website for new company
  • Created and Maintained Director Scripts for activating LPS Workstations
  • Created and Maintained Intranet websites to facilitate business processes
  • Created Automated MSP updating processes with Reflection for IBM 2007 as a 3270 emulator.
  • Performed DBA duties: Tuning SQL, backing up databases, creating tables and stored procedures




Jul 2007 – Jul 2010             UBS AG Special Servicing Group                  Irvine, CA

Senior Developer
Skills used: C#, .NET platform 2.0,3.0, SQL Server 2000,2005, XML, ASP.NET, Visual Studio.NET 2003,2005,2008,  Sharepoint, IIS 6.0, MS Project, Fidelity MSP, Reflection for IBM 2007


  • Ensured boarding of loans onto MSP Loan Servicing platform. Implemented business logic validation in SQL scripts to run when a new set of loans were purchased.  Speeding boarding time by up to two weeks.
  • Created Automated Servicing System to facilitate overnight processes. Set up a framework around a 3270 emulator (Reflection for IBM 2007) that allowed jobs to be queued for overnight processing so that mainframe data could be both updated on server from local DBs and updating local DBs with server data.  Re-factored the project so that it would be generic to access any screen in the mainframe system as well as Excel creation and access.
  • Created a bankruptcy and foreclosure local repository as well as import console module so that Vendor data could be integrated into business workflow.
  • Created corporate (outward facing) customer website for UBS AG Special Servicing Group. This allowed users to login see the status of their loan, get access to processing documents, and make payments through Western Union.  Website decrypted data from encrypted database.  Navigated the web design coordination with marketing group in the UBS Mothership. Handled DBA duties for this project.
  • Created Pre Boarding and Journal intranet website. This resolved the gap between sending out welcome letters and when the loans boarded.  Converted the previous process from an Access DB to SQL Server 2000 and website front end.  It handled scheduling the calls both internally and through look up.  Created SSRS reports on each calling campaigns progress: Calls per day per Collections agent as well as total call break down and status of calls.  Allowed supervisor to enable and disable campaigns.
  • Perform DBA duties - back up databases, Creating Tables, Indexes, Query Optimization and Stored Procedures.
  • Sharepoint - web parts / templates installed and managed.
  • Reporting Services - several reports created.
  • 2nd tier Help Desk Support for software products created and maintained.
  • 3rd Party Vendor Integration.



Nov 2004- May 2007         People’s Choice Home Loan, Inc.                 Irvine, CA

Lead Developer

Skills used: Empower Script, C#, .NET platform 2.0, SQL Server 2000, XML, ASP.NET, Visual Studio.NET 2003,2005, IIS 6.0, MS Project, Java, Visual SourceSafe


  • Lead a team of five Empower developers. Including mentoring, training, maintaining workload and ensuring successful completion of software projects
  • Maintained Empower Pricing - for both retail and wholesale. During this time the changes were made, sometimes several times a month.  Re-Factored the retail to allow the updates to occur almost real time.  Put into place a dating system that allowed changes to go into effect on certain dates and pricing to be locked in once the loan was past certain stages.
  • Implemented 40/10 programs – Extended the original system to ensure that this new loan product could be sold. Including changing pricing how documents were handled as well as business logic as well as testing.  This allowed the funding of over 350 million dollars worth of loans for the company
  • Implemented 50/30 programs – Extended the original system to ensure this new loan project could be sold. Changing pricing, documentation, and business logic as well as testing.  This allowed the funding of over 250 million dollars worth of loans for the company
  • Integrated XML via Empower to access 3rd party vendors. Maintained the credit reporting interface as well as creating a new HMDA verification interface
  • Completed several C# VS 2003/2005 projects for de-coupling Empower and 3rd party vendors
  • Coordinated with vendors for integrating Insured AVM and Loansafe products into Empower




Jun 2003- Nov 2004           Ameriquest Mortgage                                    Orange, CA

Programmer / Analyst I

Skills used: Empower Script, Delphi, Oracle, XML, PL/SQL, Clearcase, PVCS


  • Maintained and Enhanced Loan Origination system written in Delphi. and Empower Scripting. Switching between the two as necessary to complete tasks.
  • Assisted in Configuration Management dealing directly with the Production Environment
  • Created and maintained several developer tools.
  • Worked with: PVCS Tracker, PVCS Version Manager, Lotus Notes, Empower, and various in-house systems.




Jun 2002- Jun 2003            St. Anne School                                 Laguna Niguel, CA

Technical Coordinator
Skills used: Visual. Basic, MS Office, Hardware repair/updates


  • Created and Taught computer curriculum to Teachers
  • Helped maintain 200 computers.
  • Maintained File systems and User Accounts as well as 2 software systems.
  • Created a cohesive computer curriculum for K-8th grade.



Sep 1997- Jul 2000             Master Financial, Inc.                                    Orange, CA

Software Developer
Skills used: Delphi, SQL Server 7


  • Led a development team to digitize mortgage forms.
  • Developed in-house software using Delphi and SQL Server.
  • Created software to allow credit-card transactions.



Oct 1993- Sep 1997            United States Air Force                 Tinker AFB, OK

Senior Airman

  • Satellite and Wideband Communications Specialist
  • Maintained and operated a 1.5 million dollar satellite van.
  • Prepared for 72-hour reaction worldwide deployment.
  • Assisted in setting up for military action in Haiti.



1997-2002                            University of California, Irvine                      Irvine, CA

  • B.S., Information and Computer Science

2000-2001                            University of Essex                         Colchester, England

  • Education Abroad Program from UC Irvine - Computer Science