Dream Play Build 2017

So many things since April.

Health:  Signed up for 10k Turkey Trot.  Working on getting back up to running that distance.

Game:  Signed up for Dream Play Build 2017.  Going to see about making a mash up of Trade wars, Eve, and MagiKarp.  We shall see.  Either way it should be fun.

Contract:  Still working.  Got a few projects in the pipeline and when not running or taking a break coding the game I am doing this in the evenings.

Screen shot of just some sprites laid out:

Ups and Downs

So I am 4/5 this week for working out and plan on making it 5/5 tomorrow morning.  I have my alarm set for 6am for the weekday and run into the garage and get a quick workout in.  The only day I missed the morning was Tuesday but I got it covered that afternoon cause my kids were asleep when I got home.  Also I picked up a FitBit Blaze so I have been hitting my walking goal of 8k each day.  I'll probably up that next month but for now it works.

Unity Coding: Stalled.  The course I am taking was holding my hand and then just stopped and said now fill out 4 pages of code and we can continue.  It isn't hard just haven't spent the time on it yet.

Contract:  The reason for no Unity is that I got a contract and I am working on gaining a second.  So that has kept my free time pretty packed.

Game:  None

Game Design:  Been thinking a lot about match 3.  How to combine it with other game types.  Like a match3 plus rpg (puzzle pirates)  or match 3 plus an rts or builder game.  Not 100 percent sure what that would look like but we shall see.


broken the thread already

Might get a new contract so I have been studying Splunk rather than working out.

Ahh well next time.

I have some time set aside tomorrow evening to work on Unity since I will be working out at lunch time.

Game Design Notes

Been debating about making a match three after I finish my Unity Class.  I feel I could probably get one out and onto some of the stores.  The trick is catching eyeballs.  There was a demo of a rogue like that had a match 3 as the battle resolution that was pretty cool.  Wondering if I can jam a match-3 into something else.  Maybe RTS or something like RimWorld.

Not dead yet...

So ton of changes around here on the home front.

1) Stopped working on the game while outside contract work picked up.

2) Picked up a few cheap courses from udemy.  Started on Game development & design made fun. Learn C# using Unity 4.6 & Unity 5. Your first 7 2D & 3D games for web & mobile. - Ben Trsitam  Talk about a mouth full.  But it has been good so far.

3) New exercise routine started from Bodyweight routine from NerdFitness.com   This and the eliptical I got from the old gym at work are turning me back into a somewhat fit person.

4) New dev / game box on the horizon. Looking forward to upgrading to a mechanical keyboard, the gtx 1070 and windows 10 (so I can put stuff into the windows store easier)

We shall see how the rest of the month goes but so far its looking up.  Plus I think everyone here a Casa de Boyer is healthy which is amazing for this time of year.

I should have more ideas for games once I get through the course but for now game design is going to be on hold.