Keep on Decking

So the hope was this weekend I could figure out how to do damage to the monsters via card dragging and dropping.

I got the drag and drop figured out Friday but the damage track got a little tricky to code.  I had several false starts and there are a few bugs that I still need to work through.

Most Elemental hounds are element as the first requirement and then any card as the second.  I think there is a bug if we did 2 as a damage level.  Still need to test that out.

Plus if there are double elements I need to test that out as well.  However as you can see in the picture I got it down for water and any card to kill this Hound.

Now End turn needs to do a final check to confirm that monster is dead and then determine if they can give out cards or not.  In this case I would get a water card of level 1.  I need to kill a Drake to get access to level 2 cards.  Of course drakes have their own set of difficulties.  They come with a double element requirement for first damage level.  Also when they attack they do an extra effect.

fire - Burn damage - if no armor more damage is done
air - discard # - discard a number of cards
earth - stun - can only draw 1 card 
water - heal themselves

These are the basic effects per element but there will be more as the monsters get tougher deeper into the dungeon you go.


Back to coding

Latest game concept is from DragonFire the game.  Basically a spiritual successor to the ShadowRun: Crossfire card game.  Cards are used to defeat monsters but for the most part you need at least 2 and perferrably 4 players to play the game correctly.

So I thought why not make a roguelike that uses cards to defeat monsters.  Similar to Slay the Spire but with movement and a continuous hand drawn.  Magic items were part of your deck like Dragonfire and would stay if stated otherwise you would have to draw them to use them.

Working on getting the basics to work.  The screenshot below shows where we are at.  Basically I am just extending the RogueSharp Tutorial for Monogame to include different combat mechanics and different monsters.  Below is showing debug options where you can see the monsters anywhere.  The Hand shown is so you can judge who you can take on with your current hand.

Later on I added more monster types.  Clearly I need art work but this works for now in terms of testing.

First image of my combat screen, the mouse is over the first card giving it a bump up:

ToDos for the weekend are:

[] once dropped card overlays bottom half of monster and marks off damage virtually
Wound track

The goal here is to temporarily tag the enemy with cards you drop on it to determine damage. 

[] Show Reset Button on CombatScreen

I want to reset combat screen so you can rethink your turn.  The cards don't go into effect until you hit end turn.  The end goal on end turn is that the rest of the world will have a turn as well.  Potentially adding more monsters for you to fight if you don't kill this one quickly.


ToDos I completed yesterday were:

[x] Drag and drop card onto monster - needs tweaking but working
[x] Reset Turn Button - sprite

Finished 3rd part of the tutorial

Finished the 3rd part of RogueSharp Monogame tutorial.  There are a couple gotchas in terms of classes that have been moved but VS picks up on them and the hints get them sorted out.  

Design:  So start with 8 cards: 2 each of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water.  Monsters will be colored to indicate which type they are.  When you defeat them they will have a couple cards to choose from that you can grab. building up your deck.  Not sure on draw mechanic.  That is the stingy part of Dragonfire.  you only get to draw two cards during draw phase.  I would like more but I can see how that can be too powerful.  Also since currently I am planning solo dungeon run the assist cards can't really help.  Though maybe I can add a party to it later on and you can control multiple hands.

Of course first step is finish the tutorial.

Health - back to eating as few carbs as possible and working out.  Like everyone does that is fit.



Dream Play Build 2017

So many things since April.

Health:  Signed up for 10k Turkey Trot.  Working on getting back up to running that distance.

Game:  Signed up for Dream Play Build 2017.  Going to see about making a mash up of Trade wars, Eve, and MagiKarp.  We shall see.  Either way it should be fun.

Contract:  Still working.  Got a few projects in the pipeline and when not running or taking a break coding the game I am doing this in the evenings.

Screen shot of just some sprites laid out:

Not dead yet...

So ton of changes around here on the home front.

1) Stopped working on the game while outside contract work picked up.

2) Picked up a few cheap courses from udemy.  Started on Game development & design made fun. Learn C# using Unity 4.6 & Unity 5. Your first 7 2D & 3D games for web & mobile. - Ben Trsitam  Talk about a mouth full.  But it has been good so far.

3) New exercise routine started from Bodyweight routine from   This and the eliptical I got from the old gym at work are turning me back into a somewhat fit person.

4) New dev / game box on the horizon. Looking forward to upgrading to a mechanical keyboard, the gtx 1070 and windows 10 (so I can put stuff into the windows store easier)

We shall see how the rest of the month goes but so far its looking up.  Plus I think everyone here a Casa de Boyer is healthy which is amazing for this time of year.

I should have more ideas for games once I get through the course but for now game design is going to be on hold.

Slowly sinking

Coding - none.  I need to get some time to code.  Hopefully tomorrow.  My next step according to is to provide a button to launch the mission and then provide an update on when it finishes.  First pass will be a simple time stamp and then the user will refresh the page when it is done.  The 2nd pass will be adding a refresh time to the page so that it will refresh automatically when the mission is done and pick up the reward rolls.  Per previous updates the button is there it just isn't hooked up to anything.  I also need to refresh the missions after you have launched one since ti could be that you don't qualify for other missions anymore.


Design notes:  So there are going to be multiple missions you can run at once.  There are also going to be corporate missions and empire missions and maybe even faction missions depending on which faction you get in good with.  All of which can be run at the same time so that the player can progress faster the more ships they have.  It will be a bit sandboxy in that the users can build things that will generate new missions.  As well as build defenses to make other players attacks against them more difficult.  Now there will be a definite PvE aspect to it in Empire space ala EVE online.  The Empire doesn't like fighting in its space so there will be no fighting missions given within its space unless there is a pirate band working in the core systems.  (depending on what the player does with some ships and crews they might be labeled as pirates if they get caught)  Outside of empire space anything goes. if a scout finds your station or your ships then they could raid or destroy them.  Of course then again if the player's base destroys the attacking ships there will be loot there as well.  It pays to scout before attacking.

baby steps

Got dynamic buttons to show up.  My Todos for next time are making them async call the mission launches and refreshing the page to show the missions launched.  Right now there is a list of running missions and a list of not running missions.  I might just combine them so that there is one long list and just has running missions interspersed with the available.  Definitely a tweak for later on once I get a MVP (minimum viable product)  definitely need a hook to refresh the page after a certain time to show the new data when a mission completes.



Crafting...Similar to how Eve online does crafting, GTW is going to have blue prints that will be released either as loot or as a item to be purchased at certain locations.    The player can then create the item and depending on which locations they have access to can either ship it there or create the item there as long as there are sufficient resources to do that.  Main locations - Empire, Inner Zones, Outer Regions, Wormhole.  In some cases they will be around a world say a mining outpost or can be in deep space say a space station.  These created items will have missions related to them and launch mission threads as well as provide a location that contention can be had as to who controls the area.

Mission cleanup

So while we got missions we also got the basic index view from mvc which isn't that great for a game.
Did some clean up today and a little bit of layout work.  I think it will be easier to lay out but I am going to need to get a bunch more data from the models than what I am currently getting.  Good times.


Design notes

Two items to talk about today.  First is mission chains.  Second will be "perma death"

Mission Chains.  Basically there will be a set of missions that link to one another so once you complete one it leads to the next.    This will be both for how the user will explore the local universe but also how some of the wormholes can lead to great loot / drops.  In some cases the wormholes will just be like a rogue like in that you can keep pushing forward but if you do you have a chance to lose your team and ships and your rewards.

Perma Death - so all ships can be destroyed and when they are destroyed depending on what equipment you have on them you could also lose your crew.  Your crew and equipment will provide modifiers to adjust your ships stats.  The more powerful the modifiers the chances are you want to be extremely careful how you handle them.  Maybe pushing your luck traveling down the wormhole isn't such a great idea.

Day 2 or post 2

Again not much to say in terms of progress however I should get some coding time tomorrow.  We had preschool parent orientation tonight so no one got home early.


Game design - 

Was thinking about how I want to handle the back end.  I would really like to use some kind of serverless backend via azure or amazon.  However I feel there just needs to be so much data stored in the db that I am not sure what serverless would look like.

Either way I am going to continue with mvc until I get an mvp and then start tweaking a bit.  End of Sept I will start on a monogame version of it and see if I can get it working quicker and/or better.  Of course I will need new graphics.

Game wise - I think I definitely want to have ships in different locations / bases for the player.  So they need to move them about as one of their logistical puzzles.  Maybe just costing a bit of fuel to get them around.  or if they are in wormhole space a bit of fuel and a ship that can get them there.  Ala some kind of mothership or carrier like they have in Eve Online.  My goal was to have Small, Medium and Large class ships but of course we got to have Capital Class.  The base mothership could hold say 2 large 5 medium and 10 small.   The base carrier could cold 10 medium and 20 small.  Of course you can get blueprints of military versions or research versions of these ships.  Along with maybe some kind of alien versions.

Of course once they are in wormhole space pending on which one you are at you can be attacked by other players.  So defenses and quick sorties via fighters is always suggested.  


New look, same little time

So I haven't spared any time for coding but did get a chance to revamp the blog.  Upgraded and new theme.  Apparently the old blog had been hacked and well that isn't being a nice netizen.


Game update - Not much really.   I did get everything updated so I think I have all the data I need to show a list of contracts to the user for them to pick.  They contracts should have been bumped up against a requirements list to ensure the player can actually do them.

There are a few gaps I saw when coding it up though.  For Example:

  • Location based missions -  I don't have any code in that will ensure that say empire missions are always available or if the ships are not in the right place not available.
  • Ensuring that there aren't duplicates.  However, I still want them to be able to do duplicate missions if they meet the requirements again and the missions are basic ones.
  • Ensuring that when on a mission the ship is considered active and not idle.  I have the code in to switch the ships status but need to refactor to ensure that I update the mission checking for it.

I have also looked into changing up the framework I am using.  maybe going back to xamarin and monogame to see about being cross platform on a mobile target.  There is something to be said about a nice clean SPA though.  Either way I want to get the current version of the game playable before jumping ship to a new development cycle.