DBP 2017

So hopefully I can keep the momentum going while doing Dream Build Play 2017.  Just grabbed a gif creator so that once I get those asteroids moving we can start getting some cool shots.

ToDo List for Sept 9th (normally I'll sprint each week but going out of town for Labor Day weekend so might have less time)

  • Move Asteroids Move
  • Shoot from space station to asteroid on click of asteroid
  • Blow up asteroid
  • Collect Pieces
  • In Station Screen
  • Main Game Screen
  • Toggle between the two
  • Credits screen (give props to the open game art asset authors I am using)

That list seems long so I am going to stop here and we can see how much progress is made.  I need to get to the point where I can start with a super MVP and have my co-designer start working on the design and tightening game play.

Dream Play Build 2017

So many things since April.

Health:  Signed up for 10k Turkey Trot.  Working on getting back up to running that distance.

Game:  Signed up for Dream Play Build 2017.  Going to see about making a mash up of Trade wars, Eve, and MagiKarp.  We shall see.  Either way it should be fun.

Contract:  Still working.  Got a few projects in the pipeline and when not running or taking a break coding the game I am doing this in the evenings.

Screen shot of just some sprites laid out: