Ups and Downs

So I am 4/5 this week for working out and plan on making it 5/5 tomorrow morning.  I have my alarm set for 6am for the weekday and run into the garage and get a quick workout in.  The only day I missed the morning was Tuesday but I got it covered that afternoon cause my kids were asleep when I got home.  Also I picked up a FitBit Blaze so I have been hitting my walking goal of 8k each day.  I'll probably up that next month but for now it works.

Unity Coding: Stalled.  The course I am taking was holding my hand and then just stopped and said now fill out 4 pages of code and we can continue.  It isn't hard just haven't spent the time on it yet.

Contract:  The reason for no Unity is that I got a contract and I am working on gaining a second.  So that has kept my free time pretty packed.

Game:  None

Game Design:  Been thinking a lot about match 3.  How to combine it with other game types.  Like a match3 plus rpg (puzzle pirates)  or match 3 plus an rts or builder game.  Not 100 percent sure what that would look like but we shall see.