Slowly sinking

Coding - none.  I need to get some time to code.  Hopefully tomorrow.  My next step according to is to provide a button to launch the mission and then provide an update on when it finishes.  First pass will be a simple time stamp and then the user will refresh the page when it is done.  The 2nd pass will be adding a refresh time to the page so that it will refresh automatically when the mission is done and pick up the reward rolls.  Per previous updates the button is there it just isn't hooked up to anything.  I also need to refresh the missions after you have launched one since ti could be that you don't qualify for other missions anymore.


Design notes:  So there are going to be multiple missions you can run at once.  There are also going to be corporate missions and empire missions and maybe even faction missions depending on which faction you get in good with.  All of which can be run at the same time so that the player can progress faster the more ships they have.  It will be a bit sandboxy in that the users can build things that will generate new missions.  As well as build defenses to make other players attacks against them more difficult.  Now there will be a definite PvE aspect to it in Empire space ala EVE online.  The Empire doesn't like fighting in its space so there will be no fighting missions given within its space unless there is a pirate band working in the core systems.  (depending on what the player does with some ships and crews they might be labeled as pirates if they get caught)  Outside of empire space anything goes. if a scout finds your station or your ships then they could raid or destroy them.  Of course then again if the player's base destroys the attacking ships there will be loot there as well.  It pays to scout before attacking.

Treading water

Coding - only got a little done today.  Basically worked on getting the proper buttons to show and then tried to work on the click mechanism for it.

Design - So while creating new bases can create new missions.  There will also be generic areas to search for that are static in case the player just wants pve.  These generic areas will require a scouting mission to reveal and based on the sensors can reveal better and better areas.  There will also be a unique id that goes with it so you can share it with friends.


Workout:  3 rounds 15 box jumps 20" 15 power cleans 45#  and 1 min plank.  The plan almost killed me but I got it done.  I think I am still sweating form it and it was 7 hours ago.

baby steps

Got dynamic buttons to show up.  My Todos for next time are making them async call the mission launches and refreshing the page to show the missions launched.  Right now there is a list of running missions and a list of not running missions.  I might just combine them so that there is one long list and just has running missions interspersed with the available.  Definitely a tweak for later on once I get a MVP (minimum viable product)  definitely need a hook to refresh the page after a certain time to show the new data when a mission completes.



Crafting...Similar to how Eve online does crafting, GTW is going to have blue prints that will be released either as loot or as a item to be purchased at certain locations.    The player can then create the item and depending on which locations they have access to can either ship it there or create the item there as long as there are sufficient resources to do that.  Main locations - Empire, Inner Zones, Outer Regions, Wormhole.  In some cases they will be around a world say a mining outpost or can be in deep space say a space station.  These created items will have missions related to them and launch mission threads as well as provide a location that contention can be had as to who controls the area.