Mission cleanup

So while we got missions we also got the basic index view from mvc which isn't that great for a game.
Did some clean up today and a little bit of layout work.  I think it will be easier to lay out but I am going to need to get a bunch more data from the models than what I am currently getting.  Good times.


Design notes

Two items to talk about today.  First is mission chains.  Second will be "perma death"

Mission Chains.  Basically there will be a set of missions that link to one another so once you complete one it leads to the next.    This will be both for how the user will explore the local universe but also how some of the wormholes can lead to great loot / drops.  In some cases the wormholes will just be like a rogue like in that you can keep pushing forward but if you do you have a chance to lose your team and ships and your rewards.

Perma Death - so all ships can be destroyed and when they are destroyed depending on what equipment you have on them you could also lose your crew.  Your crew and equipment will provide modifiers to adjust your ships stats.  The more powerful the modifiers the chances are you want to be extremely careful how you handle them.  Maybe pushing your luck traveling down the wormhole isn't such a great idea.

We got missions

So finally got some time to code and debug.  Turns out I fat fingered a couple things and needed to change the algorithm some.  Still not optimized but it gets the job done.  Still a bug in there that I will get.  But I am going to work on a little UI so I can take a mission.  Then work out the bugs and move on.


Game Design

There are 5 regions and 3 empires / republics, so that will be 12  areas to explore the 5th region is wormhole space.  That is infinite.  It just depends on what kind of scouts you got and what kind of equipment one has to find the wormhole space.  Each wormhole space will come with several missions from basic mining / hauling missions - where you have to build the mine and then use your transports to haul -  to fighting missions where you have to clear alien presences or other competing players.   You can also build outposts and as long as they have the upgrades you can have a direct connection out in wormhole space.  This allows the harvesting of resources more effectively.  It also allows other players to get an attack mission against you.

Day 2 or post 2

Again not much to say in terms of progress however I should get some coding time tomorrow.  We had preschool parent orientation tonight so no one got home early.


Game design - 

Was thinking about how I want to handle the back end.  I would really like to use some kind of serverless backend via azure or amazon.  However I feel there just needs to be so much data stored in the db that I am not sure what serverless would look like.

Either way I am going to continue with mvc until I get an mvp and then start tweaking a bit.  End of Sept I will start on a monogame version of it and see if I can get it working quicker and/or better.  Of course I will need new graphics.

Game wise - I think I definitely want to have ships in different locations / bases for the player.  So they need to move them about as one of their logistical puzzles.  Maybe just costing a bit of fuel to get them around.  or if they are in wormhole space a bit of fuel and a ship that can get them there.  Ala some kind of mothership or carrier like they have in Eve Online.  My goal was to have Small, Medium and Large class ships but of course we got to have Capital Class.  The base mothership could hold say 2 large 5 medium and 10 small.   The base carrier could cold 10 medium and 20 small.  Of course you can get blueprints of military versions or research versions of these ships.  Along with maybe some kind of alien versions.

Of course once they are in wormhole space pending on which one you are at you can be attacked by other players.  So defenses and quick sorties via fighters is always suggested.