New look, same little time

So I haven't spared any time for coding but did get a chance to revamp the blog.  Upgraded and new theme.  Apparently the old blog had been hacked and well that isn't being a nice netizen.


Game update - Not much really.   I did get everything updated so I think I have all the data I need to show a list of contracts to the user for them to pick.  They contracts should have been bumped up against a requirements list to ensure the player can actually do them.

There are a few gaps I saw when coding it up though.  For Example:

  • Location based missions -  I don't have any code in that will ensure that say empire missions are always available or if the ships are not in the right place not available.
  • Ensuring that there aren't duplicates.  However, I still want them to be able to do duplicate missions if they meet the requirements again and the missions are basic ones.
  • Ensuring that when on a mission the ship is considered active and not idle.  I have the code in to switch the ships status but need to refactor to ensure that I update the mission checking for it.

I have also looked into changing up the framework I am using.  maybe going back to xamarin and monogame to see about being cross platform on a mobile target.  There is something to be said about a nice clean SPA though.  Either way I want to get the current version of the game playable before jumping ship to a new development cycle.